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Come for the vibes . . . stay for the revolution.

Seker Factory DAO is collected under the shared goal of discovering and preserving authentic digital art. We manage a creative commons where artists can find a home to present their work for the world to experience in an authentic way. We are a home to technologists exploring new creations, collectors, curators, and anyone who wants to experience new and exciting digital works. As an impact DAO, together we provide a resource for artists and community to use — akin to a river for a village or an open-source library for a student.

With the advent of NFTs, digital art was granted the ability to have an origin story, creating a new renaissance of works — from the contemporary, to memes, to music, to metaverse worlds. As new genres emerge, Seker Factory DAO intends to answer the question, “What is truly authentic digital art?” What is the culture, the materials, and the processes in creating these works? We believe that the current landscape of product-motivated or “marketable” art using NFT technology, gated platforms, and siloed curation, does not answer this question.

To kickstart the commons, we have constructed a DAO-owned physical location in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, called location 001.

Grand Opening Factory 001 (3/26/2022 )

This space represents the first physical commons — presently operational — that DAO members will co-own as a space for exhibiting art experiences. Additionally, we want to ensure that our digital members can also join us and vibe out at any time so we have built a portal within the factory that allows digital avatars to interact with IRL members! This is an example of the creative innovations that spawn out of combining traditional art and technological expertise.

Seker Factory ↔️ VRChat Metaverse portal
Portal Teaser

We call Seker Factory 000 our metaverse location, and all members of the DAO (001, Top Clearance, or any future location card holder) are welcomed to explore our custom made VR worlds. While we are already chilling with cat girls and head patting our way through VRChat, we plan to expand to more VR platforms, specifically those that explore meshnets or decentralized ownership models.

Seker Factory DAO Top Clearance Membership NFT

Our membership cards are custom made NFTs that have a built-in leveling system. The DAO controls the ability to upgrade the levels of the cards, with different levels representing various roles within the DAO. This works as a basic distributed identity protocol to ensure that we can operate governance in a way that prevents plutocracy, allows member voices to be heard, and preserves the values of the DAO that are aligned with our constitution.

Seker Factory DAO operates like a digital co-op, with one-member-one vote governance throughout the tiers of decision making (more information on this can be found in our membership model documentation). As Seker was a patron god of the workers building the Memphite necropolis in Ancient Egypt, the workers of Seker Factory control the means of production.

Members of the DAO who are artists are eligible to be voted into seasonal cohorts, decided by other card holding members of the DAO. Season 0 is currently in progress and has artists from around the world using the commons to present their work with the help of a core team of audio/visual, networking, and blockchain experts. Season 1 will begin in July 2022.

To join the DAO follow us on Twitter or Instagram for updates and join our Discord to get involved. Allowlist signups for our membership card is live at https://www.sekerfactory.com and we will be launching the NFT on April 16th 2022. We will guide you on how to contribute and what the exciting future holds for the factory.

Acquire Membership: https://www.sekerfactory.com

Get Involved: https://discord.gg/rju5QnZmpM

See Our Work: https://www.instagram.com/sekerfactory

Get Updates: https://twitter.com/SekerFactory



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Seker Factory DAO

Seker Factory is a DAO building an immersive tech noir of dystopian hangouts — the premier spot to adventure from physical to digital.